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Howdy and welcome to Maverick Ranch!  There really is a Maverick Ranch.  We’re located about 45 miles east of the San Diego airport in the mountains and chaparral of the Cleveland National Forest.  We have the opportunity to hike right outside our back door and try to take at least one group of dogs every day.  We share our 5 acres with Rosebud, the Donkey, and "The Maverick Posse," anywhere from 5 to 10 dogs--mostly Whippets.  All our dogs are house dogs--actually they run the house.  We built a "dog room" addition to the house a few years ago.  It's really just another room, but lets us have space in our bedroom for something other than crates and dog beds.

We've whelped 5 Whippet litters in the past 14 years and don't intend to exceed that pace.  Our foundation began with the mother/daughter team of "Bae" (Merci Isle Banarama) and "Bandana" (Merci Isle Maverick Bandana). Both bitches were bred by Iva and Jeffrey Kimmelman (Merci Isle). Iva trusted "Bae" to our care while she was being bred to "Rush" (SBIS DC Chelsea Gold Rush of Keynote, FCh ROMX) and soon allowed her to spend her life with us.  "Bandana," the amazing product of that union was given to us as a "thank you."  Every Whippet we've bred and raised is a descendent of "Bae's," through "Bandana."


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